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Skills: Hand Drawing/ Physical Model Making 

Software Used: Revit, Lumion, Illustrator, Indesign 

Site: Atchafalaya Basin Oxbow

Undergrad: The fabrication of architectural spaces that define and respond to the natural elements of the basin such as the water and the dense forestry. This project specifically looked for ways to connect the main water of the basin to the oxbow. This project focuses on creating a facility for Robert McKee. a popular american author. The facility has three main components- Lecture Hall, Work Study, Residential   

Suspended above the dynamic landscape of the Atchafalaya basin at oxbow lake, the structure creates a space for Robert McKee that captivates and apprises the immediate environment. The perception of detail communicates the connection between the client, environment, and architecture.  

Graduate Work: Adapt and revise undergraduate project and consider new sustainable strategies that coincide with the swampy terrain. Changes include Shading Devices, Natural Ventilation, Thermal Mass Heating, Water Management, and more...

Fragmented Oxbow: Case Studies
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