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Software Used: Revit, Powerpoint, Enscape, Photoshop, Indesign

Plant it forward (PIF) is a non-profit organization based in Houston, TX that economically assists refugees with agricultural skills in the area. PIF gives refugees a place where they can grow and harvest their own produce to sell for personal economic growth. PIF is a sustainable urban farm in Houston, and plays a vital role in Houstonians health and wellness. The Plant It Forward organization offers a familiar environment in a foreign country to individuals to allow them to be prosperous in ways they never could before, while evoking feelings accomplishment, security , and peace. This project focuses on designing a new facility for PIF on 40 acres of newly acquired land. This projects success is a result of valuable feedback from current refugee farmers, PIF board members and employees, and Stantec intern coordinators. The final project was presented by my team and I to the PIF board members and to the entire Texas BC of Stantec (4 Offices in Texas  -  Plano, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin)

Plant It Forward: Case Studies
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