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2018 NOMAS Design Competition

Software Used:  Photoshop and Indesign 

Advisor: Kiwana McClung

Team Members: David Allen , Sami Jaber, Breanna Booker, Mark Jones, Nguyen Son, Taisiia Kolisnyk, Will Molock, Thad Perkins, Tylor Payne, Quoc Dang, Darrell Landry 

Boundless optimism and practical strategies define the proposal for the Woodlawn neighborhood on the south side of Chicago. The multidimensional and economically diverse development includes the creation of multi-modal transit center to connect Woodlawn residents to the greater city of Chicago and the creation of lease space for new, local businesses along with open greenspaces and new healthy living and working opportunities. 
My contributions to the team were rendering, graphic style, and competition board layout.

Infinity: Case Studies
Infinity: Text
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